About WealthPark

We are developing a proprietary technology platform to enable simple and efficient investment. The user-centric interface is designed to integrate and sync information globally, returning an all-encompassing package optimised to fulfill your investment needs.

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Screen for Stocks Within Seconds!

Finding stocks to invest?

Using Artificial Intelligence and our trademarked calculation methods, WealthPark shortlists your potential investments within minutes!


A Stock’s True Value – At Your Fingertips

How much is it really worth?

The stock market may tell you the share price, but it doesn’t tell you the company’s intrinsic value.
Using our trademarked methods, WealthPark does all the valuation for you!


Pick Out The Strongest Stocks In The Market

The bigger the star, the stronger it is!

Get an overview of your stock’s strength with the Star Chart, be it in terms of Profitability, Growth or Assets.


Risky Investments Begone!

There are 13 areas of investment risk due to potential aggressive accounting practices

Eliminate companies exhibiting higher risks levels by checking out their WP Rating.

Featured Tools


IV Line

Find out the intrinsic value of a company, calculated using our trademarked methods, versus its current share price.



Shortlist stocks within seconds with the WealthPark Screener.


Star Chart

Check out the profitability, growth and health of a company using the Star Chart. The bigger the star, the better it is!


WP Rating

Eliminate concerns about aggressive accounting practices within a company.

WealthPark on-the-go with our app!

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