Dev Team Update – Jan 2019


Apologies, it’s been awhile since we last updated in October. We have been super focused building new features and improving on older ones! Without further ado..

The updates for WP are *drum rolls* …

WP Analysis & Company Peer Comparison in Overview Tab

We’ve streamlined our three core features (WP Rating, StarChart, IV Line) into the WP Analysis found under the “Overview” tab in the company details. This provides a quick summary of the specific company without needing to browse through three separate features. Of course, do feel free to tap on the buttons to direct you to the respective pages for finer details!

Also, we’ve added the Peers section for you to understand which other companies operate in the same space. These peers are based on GICS classification and our proprietary algorithm. It’s still work-in-progress and we’ll make it better over time (we promise).

Watchlist upgrade with WP Analysis

Sometimes, less is more right? In similar fashion, we’ve incorporated the WP Analysis into our Watchlist using a drawer concept (hooray~!). Simply tap on the company listed in your watchlist to pull out the details.. how cool is that! 😀

Indication of Primary Listing under Overview Tab

You have provided feedback about being confused when companies (e.g. Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.) having multiple listings. So to address that problem, we’ve included an indicator under the Key Ratios in “Overview” Tab to direct you to the primary listing if needed. This not only deals with cases of the same company listed on more than one exchange, but also companies listed on the same exchange with different tickers (e.g. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.). However, we must apologise that we do not cover Europe (yet).. hence we are unable to point you to any company whose primary listing is in Europe ):

Added Parameters & Indicators for Screener

To cater to the ever increasing requests from our valued customers (that’s you), we have added the following list of parameters for you to screen companies by:

  • StarChart (SC) Type
  • Market Cap
  • Price to Book
  • PEG
  • Dividend Yield
  • Years Since IPO

Happy screening~!


Well, that’s all from us now! Back to our dens for more coding fun and action!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates~~

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