Almost Endgame – The Magical Giant Who Survived

Did you know that we very nearly live in a world without Disneyland, Mickey Mouse and
Disney Fairytales?

That’s right.

In the
1920s, Disney almost failed when Walt himself filed for bankruptcy after one of
his main clients filed for bankruptcy.

The second stumbling block came when the company filed for bankruptcy for the second time
in 1937.

However, much like the magic that surrounds the Disney brand,

Walt Disney somehow managed to rise from the ashes and turn the company into the giant it
is today.

In fact, they are such a giant in the media and entertainment industry, half of the
movie hype within the year can be traced back to this company.

One of the prime examples of these movies is the recent installation of the much-hyped
saga, Avengers – EndGame

WealthPark team member, Eric, dives into the history behind Marvel Cinematic Universe, the
Infinity Saga and their “big brother”, Disney.

While most people recognize Disney to be the magic-maker from their childhood, few people actually realize that Disney plays a much bigger role than that.

For example, most sports enthusiasts are even not aware that ESPN is actually under the Disney umbrella and even fewer people know that National Geographic, the world’s favourite documentary channel, is actually a Disney subsidiary.

Not to mention the fact that the Marvel movies and Star Wars franchise, despite being big hits almost every time, only makes up 15% of Disney’s overall revenue.

And speaking of revenue, ever wondered how their overall performance really look like or if you could really count on the management team to bring the company forward?

Or perhaps you’re wondering about their dividend growth? 

With them slowly gobbling up network channels, movie franchises and coming up with new consumer products even after being in the business for almost a decade,

The future certainly looks bright for Disney and it seems like they will be around for a long time to make more dreams come true.

But which are the 3 key factors to watch that will really make a difference in the company’s future?

Check out the final part of the WealthPark case study as Eric reveals the 3 driving factors for the company’s future.

Till then, remember to invest Smarter, Faster and Easier with WealthPark.

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Yen Hung Chua

Yen Hung Chua

I became an advocate of money management and value investing at the age of 27 for a simple reason. Money management, investing and MOST IMPORTANTLY, emotional stability – was never something that was taught in school. We end up a bunch of workers who are taught to only work for money but not the other way around, and to treat investing like a game of chance. And it was time to change that. Being with WealthPark, not only do I have the opportunity the spread the money-consciousness further and wider, but the platform on its own, is also wickedly useful for anyone who wants to invest in stocks.

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